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    • LIVING AGAIN is based on
    • true characters in Vinnie's realm, wherein a top Italian gangster, grief stricken at the loss of his daughter, is targeted for a hit due to the ruthless tactics he employs after her death. His racism is intensified by the fact that men accidentally involved in his daughter's fatal horseback riding accident were black.  At the same time his wife undergoes a heart attack due to the stress, and encounters in the hospital a young black woman, about the same age his daughter would have been.  He is scornful until he finds out she speaks fluent Italian, due to her father's stint in the service in Italy. 

    • Chantal, the girl, has the personality and voice of an angel, and quickly wins the hearts of all the gangster's family.  The father is able to arrange, through his political connections, for a kidney transplant. Chantal in turn, through her surprising fluency in Italian, learns of the hit on him and save his life in turn.



            The story shows how love
            can bridge the most difficult
            gaps: race, politics, power,
            and how, when all seems lost,
            Love can help you find a
            way to live again.



            Out on My Feet

Based on the true events of Vinnie Curto's life, it the story of a time in his life after he had twice fought for the world championship titles and lost...Struggling to make a living, he is supposed to collect a gambling debt from a once promising Hollywood writer. Co-written by Larry Golin.

The writer had become a degenerate gambler, and has no money.  Vinnie shows some compassion trying to help find a way the guy can take care of his debt and the writer reveals he has talent but no stories.  Vinnie has enough outrageous twists and turns in his life to fill up a Blockbuster and 3 sequels, and the two sequester themselves in a hotel room to open the hidden chambers of his soul and memory.

Vinnie starts with the usual details for this type of champion: his father encouraged him at an early age, and he was trained at only 17 by Angelo Dundee, Muhammad Ali's manager and it seems he has a definite shot for the top. But Vinnie's temper and self sabotage reveals itself every time.  Logan discovers finally that the loving father who encouraged his son was also a sadistic sexual predator and would make Vinnie hold a loaded revolver to his head with a promise to pull it if he didn't become Champion.  

Logan is fascinated to learn that Sylvester Stallone tried managing his career, Sally Conforte, Madame of the Mustang Ranch Brothel in Nevada tried buying his career, and the mob thought they owned his career. An attempt was made on his life while fighting and speaking out against the selfish reign of the King and Queen of Thailand, but he came back. Back in the states this time the mob came after him, and Sinatra had to save his life. He saved the life of one of heads of the Medallin drug cartels, but walked away when his best friend's brains were blown by gunshot into Vinnie's mouth in a crazed and heated turf dispute.   .

While Logan draws the truth from Vinnie, the truth about Logan's own life comes out and they discover what had held Vinnie from winning his whole the postscript we learn that Vinnie's second father, Father Time, gave him another chance, and at 41 he won the WBF Cruiserweight Championship of the World.

This movie was set to go into production some years ago with Robert DeNiro and Mark Wahlberg, and was the impetus and the material that formed the inadvertent inspiration for several movies and TV series, including  THE FIGHTER (see Mark Wahlberg's interview below, where he speaks about his disappointment when Vinnie's movie fell apart and Mark's decision to try to do a boxing movie) and many recent movies and TV series.  No one before had the guts to do the whole story.  Now it will be done. 

It's right near the beginning of the Interview. To read a New York Daily News Article about the time when OUT ON MY FEET was being produced before, click on the below link or see the very bottom of this page for a reprint of the article, written by Bill Gallo.



                                       PRIOR PRODUCTION OF OUT ON MY FEET


                      Wahlberg & Vinnie                                              Robert DeNiro

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