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Comedy Can Kill

TONY VALLE, 5'11", Italian, medium build, dark hair, full of life, is a truly honest and kind human being, in a crude sort of way.  He was abandoned by his only parent, his father, and raised by his grandmother.  Nevertheless, he embraces life with a fierce passion and tries to earnestly enforce the laws that govern our society.  He's a cop. A Special Divisions Cop who has worked with the CIA, FBI and the Secret Service. Tony truly feels that he is all alone in this world. 


Fifth Street L.A. - TV Series

The FIFTH STREET GYM – LOS ANGELES is based on the boxing Icon’s location in Miami Beach, which had a rich history of the “Who’s Who” of the boxing world. In its heyday, it attracted mega movie stars to presidents and kings and queens of foreign lands, to the wealthiest families who have bought and sold Wall Street, to the worst dregs of humanity. On a given day, a common scene would be a couple of local fighters sparring, while on the sidelines, the head of the Medallin Drug Cartel would be having drinks with the President of Panama. Even the Fab Four came all the way to Miami Beach in 1964 to meet Muhammad Ali. The series combines a window in the world of the modern day boxing gym, with true characters and events from boxer Vinnie Curto’s years of real life experience at the famous Fifth Street Gym.

The modern day gym is based in L.A., where the large Latino community still reveres boxing as a sacred calling, a means to lift a chosen few out of the poverty-stricken masses. The gym is run by a woman boxer turned political candidate whose father left her the gym, who adamantly refused to have anything to do with it, but is pulled in out of her enormous compassion for the eclectic cast of characters assembled there.

The modern gym features characters like a woman fighter, who spent most of her late teens dancing in clubs for a living, to potential champions struggling to climb through the hierarchy, to honest managers who truly understand the game, to dishonest managers who would slice your throat then run, but turn back to see where to place their bets as to which side you will fall on.

In life, there are always solutions for insolvable problems. Sometimes the simplest answer from the simplest people rings true. Along comes a character straight out of Damon Runyon’s tales, who was a real life fixture of the Fifth Street Gym, but who seems more at home in a Grimm’s fairy tale. 4’10’, spouting pig-Latin, and always chomping on a big cigar with gum stuck to it, Sulley Emmett actually policed the floor of the gym. Sulley could look a cockroach right in the eye, or straighten out the Mayor of a metropolis. Sulley once announced Muhammed Ali as “Muhammma hamma, muhamma,” to which Ali interjected, “Hey old man, don’t you know my name?” Sulley yanked the cigar from his mouth and announced, “Cassius Cocksucker, you prick!!!!”

Other frequent scenes are in the local Café Oaxaca, which features not only the best coffee from Mexico and around the world, but local and global singing star cameos and up-and-coming talent as well.

All these characters interface with Vinnie Curto, former WBF Champion turned trainer, who weaves the present and the past of the gym in Miami with his own misadventures coming through the ranks, like the time he was forced to work at the world-famous brothel, the Mustang Ranch, and became a part -time pimp, by proxy.

What makes a man or woman into a Champion? Vinnie would tell you, when you’re born with nothing and you work so hard to have something, but another person is trying to take what you’ve got with bodily harm and succeeds, your only retaliation is to work five times harder than the person who just brutally assaulted you. You dig way deep into the core of your existence and you lash out, fight back, clear the clouded doubts, defeat the man who defeated you, and fuel your deepest beliefs in your very Beingness. Whatever their differences are, this group of outcasts of society truly try to conform and be accepted with their special gift, their special offering, that touches everyone who comes to the Fifth Street Gym.

The read-through on October 15 was a huge hit with the actors and the audience.

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