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ALDO --Aldo Orozco is a Mexican American fighter who, if he would apply himself could make alot of money and or become a title threat in a weight class two below what he currently weighs... Aldo is a man's man and he stands by everything he believes in to valadate that. He trains like a champion and acts like a little kid that you can't help but love... His pictures are in my website... I love Aldo  I consider him a son... Now if I could only get him to listen to his Pops and get down to his fighting weight that he needs to do...With that small change I will be one happy camper and yes your surrogate Pops loves ya... THAT WILL NEVER CHANGE!!!

I drive every day to Starbucks on Truman. I go there so much, I know all the kids who work there.  Most of them come from poor backgrounds, and once in a while you run into one who is affluent in this one area, Love.  But not for himself; his love for his Pops.  I have yet to meet someone who loves his father as much as this one kid, Alfredo.  You see, Alfredo works and his mother works to pay the rent on their meager apartment, but his father lives in a poor area some hours away from here, and he doesn't get to see him very often.

Today, he brought his father, and his Dad was so proud.  I told him his son hits like Alexis Arguello, and he almost burst in half with pride. Tonight, his son worked himself into a frenzy to impress his Dad. He has asthma and nearly fell to the floor.  He looked like he wanted to drop from exertion, but every time he looked at his pops, he came storming back.

This is what I live for as a trainer.  His father was so proud, and every time his son looked like he wanted to fall, he leaned forward like he wanted to catch him.. When he looked at his father, he continued on. They held each each other up with love. THAT is what I strive for as a human being.. These special moments in time last forever!!! I can only thank God for throwing a few my way!!!


My father showed me how to put my hands up.  How to duck and move. He took me to barrooms, made me slap fight with some of the drunks.  Sometimes they’d get carried away and they’d end up hurting me.  But my father told everybody, “He’s the next champ; he’s the next champ.”  In the north end of Boston, right across the street from the Boston Garden, there was a bar down there called “Sharkey’s Bar.”  He’d tell the bartender, “Yeah, my son’s going to be the next champ.  He’s going to buy one of these joints.” The bartender would say, “Why don’t you take him home and feed him.  He looks like he’s hungry.”  My eyes perked up; I was hoping he would, but he didn’t listen.  The bartender went on, “If he’s any good, bring him upstairs.  They’ll tell you if he’s any good.”

There we were, climbing four rickety flights of steps.  At each landing, my father would open his pocket and take out a bottle of Seagram’s Seven and chug it, until we reached the fourth floor. The sign on the door read, “New Garden Gym”.  And behind it, there was a big racket going on.  My father opened the door and we almost fell into the gym.  My father went over to a rubdown table, took out his bottle, took a swig, closed the bottle and passed out on the table.  I was so happy he passed out cause there were these two black guys boxing, and I figured he was going to match me with one of these guys. I thought he’s gonna get me killed – not thinking, I’m in a professional gym – they would never let that happen to a little kid – even though that’s what he did to me in the street and the bars all the time.

While my father slept, I watched these guys box.  
They were hitting hard, fast, with precision, something I wasn’t used to.  I saw the trainer screaming out pointers.  When the bell rang, they hugged each other.  They kissed each other on the cheek.  Everybody ringside gave them compliments, and this blinding light glowed within me, and  I had to be part of it.  This black guy named Freddie Small, must have seen the look on my face, because he said, “Hey kid, you want to do this?”  I said, “I ‘d love to, but I don’t have any money.” He said, “Show up!  That’s payment enough.”  I went every day, and made myself good because of the reaction I got.  Every time I did something good, I got complimented.  It was my first experience with love, and I had to go get a piece of that every day.

Sooo, I'll bet you can guess how much I charge for my gym in Kagel Canyon (really Sylmar -- Kagel Canyon sounds better and that's what the post office calls this). $00000.000000

I don't watch Joel Osteen every week, but somebody read me this quote from him and said it reminded them of my gym.

Seeing Through Eyes of Love
God wants us to see people through eyes of love. Too often, we judge others without knowing their story - the struggles they have been through, how they were raised and the current challenges they may face. We are quick to say, "He sure is unfriendly. She shouldn't wear that. I don't know why they act that way." There is a reason why people are the way they are. That's why it's important to take the time to get to know others.

Romans 15:1 says, "You who are strong, you who are mature are to bear with those that are weak." This means instead of judging others, our attitude should be "God, how can I help this person come up higher? How can I make them feel more loved, accepted and secure?" The world is full of people that need someone that understands. Can you be that someone today? Can you make the choice to love others back to wholeness?

The closest thing to the heart of God is helping hurting people. As you walk in God's love and mercy instead of judgment and condemnation, you can be the catalyst for change in the lives around you. And when you extend mercy and understanding to others, God will make sure there is mercy extended to your own life.

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