Vinnie Curto

Vinnie's Friends

I had a problem in Boston with some influential Italian businessmen, so to speak.  An old friend, Frank Sinatra, saved my life, first he took me to Palm Springs to his house on Frank Sinatra drive. It was a Monday and there was a Football game on. Frank had a bunch of his friends over. I remember Frank asking his friends “What kind of hotdogs are we gonna eat guys?” The grocery store in Palm Springs didn’t carry the brand that Frank liked so he sent his private jet to Las Vegas to pick up the hotdogs that he wanted. With the cost of jet fuel and the salary for the pilot, those hotdogs were worth a thousand dollars each.

 I went back to New Jersey to talk with my then manager Bob Botto and told him that everything was okay and that Frank wanted to see us in Las Vegas. There we were backstage at his show at Caesar's Palace and saw all these camera men running around during the show.  Frank said to me, "You know, this filming will probably come out when I have six friends carrying me off to my resting place." He also said that to the audience.  It took a little longer actually, the DVD set with his shows in Vegas and me backstage hanging out with him before and after the show, just came out, called, "SINATRA IN VEGAS".  You can see my manager, Bob Botto, in the footage.  He's the one I write about on my One Man Show story (see later in the website).

Brooke Shields and Me
I met Brooke on the set of BACK STREET DREAMS, a movie we did together in New Jersey. During the movie shoot, she and her mom and I hung out together all the time. She is the kindest, most well-mannered sweet gentle hearted-actress I have ever met.

Billy Idol and I

met when I was a comedian working out material at the Comedy Store in West Hollywood with Rodney Dangerfield, Sam Kinneson, Eddie Murphy, Jim Carrey, and Dice Clay, who I bitch-slapped (believe me,
he deserved it).  Here we are at a press conference to promote an abused-children charity,  The still
is not that clear, but the video is cool.
To the right is Ernie Thomas, from "What's Happening" TV Sitcom.  Here's the link if you'd like to see it.

A Funny Bruce Willis Story


I went to Miami Beach to fight Mark Frazie in 1984 for the WBC continental America’s middleweight belt and I had a tough fight and won the belt. I made a speech after the fight and the people laughed and applauded real loud and a guy approached me and said that he was doing a TV show. The man's name was John Nicolella and he wanted to put me on an episode of “Miami Vice”. I was going to play a bodyguard for the actor who was starring in this episode so I agreed and they called Angelo Dundee, my manager, the next day for his permission.  

Then they got me to wardrobe and I met this quiet at first actor from New York who worked a real job in between acting jobs as a bartender. All he did was complain and whine for about two hours “ I’m gonna lose my job but I had to do this show. I just did a pilot but I don’t know if the network is gonna pick it up. I’m gonna lose my job.  I’m gonna fire my agent because she should never make me take jobs that could ruin future opportunity.”  We were on the set and I was still listening to this cry-baby and then I saw him do a serious acting job with the girl who was playing his wife abusing her. He was so convincing that I was gonna give him a beating. I had to apologize and told him that I now realize why you are a perfectionist. You are that great of an actor. He thanked me. His name was Bruce Willis. The pilot was “Moonlighting.”   As you might guess.. I get the acting bug. One of the producers loved me.. His name was John Nicolella. He put me on another episode before he contracted cancer and passed away shortly thereafter. 


Here is the scene from Bruce's POV.
Below is the same scene from Vinnie
Curto POV.   He wanted me to go pick up our connection up at the airport, which you see me do later. How do you like my mustache and full head of hair? I don't feel so bad; I saw Don Johnson the other day on TV.

Below is a link to the Show
My first scene is at about 8 minutes~

This was my first job ever as an actor, to get me into the Screen Actors' Guild
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